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The invitation e-mails were sent all students. Please be register as soon as possible. If you don't recieve the e-mail,first check your draft box ( posta indesiderata ). If you still don't have it, get a contact with Sevil Toker.


  • In Comenius meeting,the Italian students and Mr.Palma worked together about the work they produced. Mr.Palma talked with them about navigation and navigation equipments, and controled what they did. Then Miss Sevil Toker did a presentation about Istanbul. She showed the important places in Istanbul and gave a little information about the museums,places that they will visit in there. ( 15th April 2010 )
  • After Easter holiday, the Comenius group had another meeting to talk about leadership.Also they talked about technical issues for the project; navigation,radar system,etc… (8th April 2010)
  • In Italy, everybody is celebrating Easter. The school is closed from 1st April to 6th April.
  • Now the Italian students are working in groups to look for information " Religion-Food-Famous people-Architecture-Activities in the sea (transportation,sports,commercial)-Economy-Commercial life in Turkiye,especially in Istanbul." They will search information about this subjects and at the end they will have a general idea about Istanbul. (25/03/2010 )
  • The Italian students had a meeting and talked about Boat history, Bridge instruments and leadership.The headmaster joined the meeting and talked about leadership,shared his ideas with students. ( 25/03/2010)
  • The Turkish students had a meeting with Bulent Ertas,the English teacher.The meeting was about the video conference on monday 29th March. ( 25/03/2010 )
  • The geography of Turkiye presentation file is added. It is in the 'Powerpoint Files' (19/03/2010)
  • The Italian students had a meeting. They did brainstorming about "leadership". Then they were showed a presentation about the geography of Turkiye. ( 18/03/2010)
  • For Turkiye: The Turkish people mention their Canakkale martyres. Rest in peace (18/03/2010)
  • The first subject is " Cosa è per te la leadership?" Share your opinions.
  • The Working Subjects are added to FORUM. You can start to discuss about the subjects.(11/03/2010)
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